World Polarity Day 2018

Feedback from the first World Polarity Day held in 2018

* In honor of World Polarity Day, Heather Greaves, Dawn Burrowes, Arrindale Small and myself started a 7-day polarity purification diet. Throughout the week Heather and I shared polarity principles and introduced all aspects of polarity including body work and exercises to interested newbies in lovely Barbados. A healing circle was established and a spark lit down there.

Testimonial from Dawn (far left): My journey with polarity: I totally enjoyed my time doing this practice. Morning cleansing was the beginning of a life changing experience...I can walk about faster, my hearing is a lot better, getting up and off the bed a whole lot easier as well. My perspective of the world has been enhanced. l'm happy with who I am and find joy in a body I wasn't familiar with. These are monumental hurdles and journeys within myself..."

Testimnoial from Arrindale (back): I feel energized and loose in the body. The pressure points are awakening the joints...I am feeling on top of the world!"

Tremendous gratitude for all involved and support to make this happen. Looking forward to WPD2  GLEN HODES - Barbados


Our World Polarity Day Open House event was amazing!!
We offered free mini sessions (Polarity, Polarity Reflexology, and Energy Balancing) and we were completely booked from 11:00am-3:00pm. 
We educated people on what Polarity is and the response was wonderful!
So glad we were able to participate in this global event and glad to be a part of IPEA LUCY BENNETT- MILLS - Columbus, Ohio


* The World Polarity Day in Borås, Sweden, became successful.
I wrote to local newspapers about the event but none of them showed any interest this time. I also shared flyers in different places in the city about my offer of lectures and free treatments.
I was at a cafe in Borås, a small town outside Gothenburg
There were 9 people who came and listened to the lecture about polarity therapy.
Afterwards, each of them tried a short treatment. All were amazed and fascinated by the effect of polarity therapy. I think many of them will contact me again for a polarity session. It was a beautiful and powerful mood and the participants stayed for a long time and just enjoyed the energy we created together.
I'm looking forward to a new event with World Polarity Day next year. / Gunilla Carlberg


* I was quite surprised that the little 27 minute self help polarity manipulations video that I offered for the World Polarity Day had over 120 views. I was going to remove it but I think I will leave it up online permanently. We will probably collate all your feedback on the first World Polarity day on the IPEA web site and use it to help promote the next one in 2019. Phil Young - Ireland


* My presentation last Monday on World Polarity Day went well. I had 14 people turn up. I struggled a little with trying to bridge people who hadn't even heard about a chakra and those who were working as therapists. 
I showed a short video by Roger Gilchrist, which I found on youTube and showed some of Phil's exercises we did together. I had them do the squat in pairs, which was fun.
A few times during the evening I tuned into the world wide polarity field and found the energy quite amazing and felt really supported by it. 
A few people were interested in attending a workshop with the general session. 
I also brought with me a whole suitcase of Polarity books, so people spent some time afterwards.
And we have a really good booklet on Polarity in German which I gave everyone to take home. I received some really nice written feedback afterwards how much they enjoyed the evening and that they were fascinated by polarity.
We prepared about a gallon of polarity tea and it was all gone by the end of the evening. Gisela Kissing Germany


* Our World Polarity Day in Launceston, Tasmania was fun and we met a few people. I ran a paid ad in local “Public Notices”. One person rang and came for a session.
I sent info to this same local paper to be included in Community News and another section called “Tell us your story” but I did not see either article in the paper.
I had flyers with tear offs around town and little response. I had posters and handouts in my Tai Chi/Yoga work place and this gave us 4 people.
A local journo rang me during the day and asked about Polarity and our Southern Cross Mountain Retreat. She wanted photos and I am hoping she will run a story in our local paper this weekend – Polarity and Retreat promo combined.
World Polarity Day coincided with a Polarity 1 training I am teaching here. So the two trainees, Sophia from Sydney and Natatcha from Perth WA had a real clinical experience day with Ruby and I. We had bodies on the tables all day. Natacha by the way is revising her Polarity that she learnt from Bill Hutchinson about 15 years ago, at Nature Care!!!

BIG THANK YOU to Gunilla and Phil for turning this idea into a real event!!! Well Done!!! Chris McGrath- Tasmania


* Had a very nice world polarity day on february 26th. Some people coming in and wondering what polarity is. One person was so excited and booked first session...

Great to work with people like this...Gertrud Keller - Switzerland



  • Chris McGrath
    Launceston, Tasmania

    World Polarity Day – Monday 26 February
    Enjoy a free Polarity session!
    Polarity Therapy is an holistic energy balancing therapy. To commemorate World Polarity Day call you local therapist and book a free session for 26 February. You will receive a relaxing bodywork session, discuss natural nutrition and learn some simple self help techniques.

    In Launceston, Tasmania phone Dr Chris McGrath PhD PTP to book your free session. 03 63993528

  • Phil Young
    Free online video lecture on Polarity Therapy

    I am offering a free online video lecture on practical and self help aspects of Polarity Therapy. You will be able to watch it during February 26th only at

  • Gunilla Carlberg
    Borås, Sweden

    Free lecture at the Cafe Nära, Borås 17:00

    Monday, February 26, World Polarity Day

    Gunilla Carlberg talks about the body from a holistic perspective and give advices on how to relieve and prevent pain.

    During the evening, free Polarity Therapy session is offered for anyone who wants 17:30 - 20:00

    Warm welcome!

    Gratis föreläsning på Cafe Nära kl 17:00 

    Måndag 26 februari, Världspolaritetsdagen

    Gunilla Carlberg pratar om kroppen ur ett holistiskt perspektiv och ger tips om hur man kan lindra och förebygga värk. 

    Under kvällen erbjuds gratis behandling med Polaritetsmassage för den som vill 17:30 – 20:00 

    Varmt Välkommen!

  • Gun Alfsdotter
    Sweden Alfsdotter Inspiration Valla health center Ulvåsavägen 4c Linköping

    Go to and book time to try out porarity for free

    on the #worldpolarityday 26/2 


  • Gertrud Keller
    Grenchen, Schweiz

    Ich lade Sie ganz herzlich ein, kommen Sie vorbei - auf ein Gespräch, auf einen Schwatz  - über das, was ich anbieten kann, damit Sie die Lebensqualität erreichen, von der Sie träumen: über ganzheitliches gesund sein; über Ernährung, über Bewegung und, und, und... 

    Sie finden mich in meiner Praxis an der Kapellstrasse 24 in 2540 Grenchen (ebosa-Gebäude, Eingang rechts neben Netzwerk): von 14.00 bis 18.30 Uhr.

    Ich freue mich auf Sie! Die Tür ist offen. Herzlich Willkommen! 

    Polarity feiert einen ganzen Tag lang – auf der ganzen Welt! Der Jurasüdfuss ist ein Teil dieser ganzen Welt. Das möchte ich mit Ihnen zusammen feiern.

    Mehr Informationen:

  • Eva-Lena Kost Fehlmann
    Studio Polarity-HSP
    Via Trevano 29, LUGANO, Switzerland

    Il 26 febbraio 2018 è la giornata mondiale della terapia della Polarità!

    Contribuisco con una seduta gratuita alla prima persona che si annuncia, e dalle ore 19:00 segue una serata informativa ed esperenziale sulla terapia della Polarità!

    Siete calorosamente invitati, riservando il vostro posto con una e-mail a ( i posti sono limitati). 

    The 26th of February 2018 is World Polarity Day!

    My contribution is to offer  a free session for the first announced person, and from 19 pm an informative and experiential evening of Polarity therapy follows. 

    You are warmly welcome, please confirm your presence with an e-mail to (the places are limited). 

  • Global Academy for Energetic Education
    2545 Farmers Drive, Suite 160
    Columbus, OH 43235

    Open House in Celebration of World Polarity Day!

    Monday, February 26 from 11:00am-3:00pm

    Stop in for a Free Polarity Session and learn how this therapy can help you stay healthy and balanced!

    For more information:


    Our Practitioners will be offering free mini-Polarity sessions and will offer information and education about Polarity Therapy.

    We hope to see you there!

  • Anita Bocsor
    Kivik Hotell Sweden

    Med anledning av Världspolaritetsdagen bjuds du in till en Gratis föreläsning på Kiviks Hotell Konferens och Spa Måndagen den 26 februari kl 18.00 
    Anita Bocsor pratar om kroppen ur ett holistiskt perspektiv och berättar om Polaritetsterapins grundare och om behandlingarna som erbjuds på Kiviks Hotell. Ni bjuds på Gratis prova på behandling á 15 min Polaritetsmassage DR. Stone Te Kiviks Hotells Fröknäcke Bra priser på produkter Möjlighet att boka prov-behandling till halva priset v.10 
    Boka på 0414-70075 senast den 23 februari. Begränsat antal platser!

  • Gisela Kissing
    Berlin, Germany

    Kostenloser Vortrag und Workshop zum Welt-Polarity-Tag

    Mit Polarity die innere Kraft stärken

    Datum:     Montag, den 26. Februar 2018

    Zeit:         19 – 21:15 Uhr

    Ort:     EFT-Institut Berlin, Hohenfriedbergstr. 16, 10829 Berlin-Schöneberg

    An diesem Abend geht es um Ernährung und Entgiftung, Energetische Anatomie, Körper-Energiearbeit durch das Harmonisieren verschiedener Energieströme im Körper, eine besondere Fünf-Elemente Atmung, Meditation, und vieles mehr.

    Der Abend ist offen für Interessenten, die an ganzheitlichen Gesundheitskonzepten interessiert sind. Auch Kollegen/innen anderer Methoden sind herzlich willkommen.